1. 1.On page 1, Refs. [3,4] should be corrected as Refs. [3,14], Refs. [3,4,7,8] should be Refs. [2,3,14,15], and at the end of page 1, Ref. [6] should be Ref. [13].
  2. 2.I would like to claim that a generalization of Theorem 1.1, the Corollary 1.1 on page 2 is due to Dung, N. T., 2008, “A Class of Fractional Stochastic Differential Equations,” Vietnam J. Math., 36(3) pp. 271-279. Also, I would like to thank N. T. Dung for his help in improving the paper.
  3. 3.The formulas (52), (54), and (55) should be corrected asDisplay Formula
    Display Formula
    Display Formula