A new generalized CHF (Critical Heat Flux) correlation was suggested for water flow in uniformly heated Annulur tubes. The parametric ranges of experimental CHF data used for present analysis were as follows: 0.540< P (pressure) < 15.146 MPa, 197.77 < G (mass flux) < 653.52 kg/m2s, I.D (inner diameter) = 9.54 mm, O.D (outer diameter) = 19.4 mm, L (length) = 1.84 m, 75.48 < Inlet subcooling < 358.78 kJ/kg, 490.48 < qc (CHF) < 1775.89 KW/m2, and 0.120 < Xe (exit qualities) < 0.536. The new correlation was based on local condition hypothesis, and therefore consisted of the local variables such as tube diameter, pressure, mass flux of water and true mass fraction of steam. In addition, HBM (Heat Balance Method) that leads to the more accurate prediction of CHF than DSM (Direct Substitution Method) was used in developing the correlation. The new correlation was compared with 5 existing CHF correlations that showed comparatively good prediction in world literature. The new correlation predicted CHF better than the other ones with average error of −1.03% and root mean square error of 11.91%.

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