The Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor (SMR) is an 800 MWt (> 225 MWe) integral pressurized water reactor with all primary components, including the steam generator and the pressurizer located inside the reactor vessel. The reactor core is based on a partial-height 17×17 fuel assembly design used in the AP1000® reactor core. The Westinghouse SMR utilizes passive safety systems and proven components from the AP1000 plant design with a compact containment that houses the integral reactor vessel and the passive safety systems. A break spectrum analysis on the Westinghouse SMR LOCA has been performed to investigate the performance of the SMR passive cooling. The break type includes both the double-ended guillotine (DEG) break and the split break with the break size ranging from 0.5 inch to the diameter of direct vessel injection (DVI) line. The break spectrum analysis was performed using the WCOBRA/TRAC-TF2 code, which is designed to simulate PWR LOCA events from the smallest break size to the largest break size. The break spectrum analysis demonstrates that excellent performance of the passive safety system of the Westinghouse SMR in variable LOCA conditions. The study is also a necessary step to develop an evaluation model for the analysis of design basis LOCA accident.

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