Human-computer interactions (HCI) are essential in computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Replacing the traditional mouse and keyboard by gestures for the design input has aroused wide interests of researchers to improve the naturalness and intuitiveness of HCI. A gesture-based design review system is proposed in this paper for the CAD model review. Human gestures are captured using Microsoft Kinect. Based on the review of frequently-used CAD commands in the design review process, six commands including translation, scaling, rotation, navigation, exploding and assembly are proposed using human body gestures for the design review process. FAAST is used as a middleware to transmit skeleton joint signals from Kinect to the review system via VRPN. Applications of the interface show the proposed method is able to effectively trigger required design operations via gestures. Results of the user test shows that intuitiveness and naturalness of HCI are improved via gestures compared to traditional methods of the design input.

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