The frequency control of LaSMP laminated shell structures in the framework of isogeometric analysis is presented. LaSMP is a novel smart material which realizes shape memory function and stiffness variation via light exposures. This dynamic properties of stiffness provides a natural way for the noncontact actuation of shell structures. Isogeometric analysis utilizes high order and high continuity NURBS as basis functions which is an ideal candidate for the analysis of shell structures where curved geometries can be captured exactly. A variationally consistent Nitsche’s method is proposed for the coupling between Kirchhoff-Love shell patches to prevent hinge-like motion. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed isogeometric approach are demonstrated via several numerical examples. The results show that, with LaSMPs, broadband frequency control of shell structures can be realized which further opens a door for the dynamic control of engineering-related LaSMP shell structures.

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