The high-speed, heavy-load and changeable triangle track wheel is a motion device that can carry out interchange between the track wheel and tire in an ordinary vehicle. The topology optimization for the support frame can reduce weight and improve the maneuverability of the vehicle. However, it is difficult to consider simultaneously its weight, stiffness and modal in the process of the structure optimization. Thus, a topology optimization method for multi-objective and multi-working-condition is proposed based on the AHP (analytic hierarchy process) and average frequency method. Firstly, considering the static multi-stiffness target and dynamic vibration frequency target, using the compromise programming method and average frequency method, the objective function of the multi-objective and multi-working-condition topology optimization is established. Then, based on the optimization target, design criteria and indexes, the lightweight hierarchical structure model of the support frame consisting of three levels and eight weight factors is established. Values of 8 weight coefficients of the multi-objective topology optimization are determined through solving the weight factor judgment matrix. Finally, considering the multi-working-condition, taking the minimum objective function of the static and dynamic characteristics as target, and the volume ratio is 50% as boundary, the mathematical model of the topology optimization is established. Simulation results show that the stiffness and strength of the support frame are improved respectively by 74.3% and 1.3% while its weight is reduced by 16.3%. This method also provides a new way to the lightweight design for other large, heavy and multi-condition equipment.

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