The present paper deals with one of the most important structural component in combustion chambers of modern steam generators — the membrane wall. The design of the membrane wall is depending on the operation pressure and the heat flux to the wall. For a correct design the knowledge of the temperature distribution and in this connection the points with the highest temperatures at the membrane wall surface is necessary. In this paper nomograms for the calculation of the surface metal temperature at selected points of the membrane wall are presented. The investigation was done for the two heat transfer mechanisms radiation and convection, different tube diameters, bar thickness and tube pitches. The nomograms are based on a dimensionless temperature and dimensionless membrane bar lengths. One result of the analysis is that the nomograms can be used independent from the tube dimensions. For a fast computer-assisted design of the membrane wall correlations are developed to calculate the dimensionless temperature for the selected points as a function of the dimensionless membrane bar lengths and bar thickness.

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