While there have been extensive studies on thermofluid characteristics of different magnetocaloric refrigeration systems, a conclusive optimization study using non-dimensional parameters which can be applied to a generic system has not been reported yet. In this study, a numerical model has been developed for optimization of active magnetic refrigerator (AMR). This model is computationally efficient and robust, making it appropriate for running the thousands of simulations required for parametric study and optimization. The governing equations have been non-dimensionalized and numerically solved using finite difference method. A parametric study on a wide range of non-dimensional numbers has been performed. While the goal of AMR systems is to improve the performance of competitive parameters including COP, cooling capacity and temperature span, new parameters called “AMR performance index-1” have been introduced in order to perform multi objective optimization and simultaneously exploit all these parameters. The multi-objective optimization is carried out for a wide range of the non-dimensional parameters. The results of this study will provide general guidelines for designing high performance AMR systems.

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