This project aimed to develop a low-cost, 4-stroke gasoline-powered opposed piston engine (OPE), joining two conventional internal combustion engines with side valves on the block and removing the heads. This modified engine has a combustion chamber confined to the space inside the cylinder between the piston heads and the chamber between the valves. The pistons move on the cylinder shaft in opposite directions, a typical feature of OPE.

It was studied the feasibility of building an engine from a different one already in use, to reduce the manufacturing and development costs. In addition, higher power can be obtained with better specific fuel consumption and reduced vibration.

The engine performance was compared between the stock and opposed-piston engines. The engine performance parameters, such as rotational speed, torque and fuel consumption, were measured on an eddy currents dynamometer. With the collected data, power, specific consumption and overall efficiency were calculated. The performance of both stock and opposed-piston engines were compared, allowing to conclude that the opposed-piston engine is a cost-effective solution, delivers more power and has reduced vibration.

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