The present study focuses on characterizing the fully-reversed fatigue behavior of unidirectional SCS6/Ti-15-3 composites. Fatigue tests were conducted at 800 ° F on 8 ply 0 ° laminates with fiber volume fractions ranging between 15% and 42%. Anti-buckling guides were designed to prevent sample buckling under compressive loading. Axial and transverse strain was monitored during static and fatigue loading to obtain a quantitative estimate of damage and plasticity in the material. The static tensile strength of this material (at 800 °F) with fiber volume fraction between 15% and 42% ranged between 136 ksi (937 MPa) and 252 ksi (1736 MPa) and the Poisson’s ratio between 0.29 and 0.38. Fatigue test results indicated that the life of unidirectional MMC was independent of fiber volume fraction when compared on a strain range basis. Results also indicated that there was very little change in axial stiffness and Poisson’s ratio in laminates with 35% and 42% fiber volume fraction. Lower volume fraction samples showed larger changes in properties under fatigue loading.

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