Numerical simulation of two phase flows in a bath agitated by top blowing lance injection is carried out using the CFX code. An Eulerian-Eulerian two phase flow model is used. The drag, lift and turbulent dispersion forces are taken into account for the interface interactions. Calculations show that there exist different flow patterns with changing the operational conditions (Q, dn, and hn/H). The gas-liquid plume spreads radially, gradually in most of the plume region and extensively near the free surface. For the cases considered, bubbles in the central plume (r = 0.006 m) accelerate up to their terminal rising velocity, then move at this rising velocity, and thereafter decelerate when they approach the surface. A similar behaviour is demonstrated for the liquid rising velocity. Numerical results are compared with available experimental data, and a good agreement is achieved. Predictions provide insight into the flow behaviour and useful information for engineering design.

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