A TLP is a buoyant platform containing four cylindrical columns. The purpose of this study was to consider the effects of different model solvers in the numerical solution on the flow pattern around the TLP. The flow around the TLP was numerically simulated with inviscid, laminar, and turbulent solvers. Three Froude numbers were run for each case. There was a symmetry plane that allowed simulating just one half of the flow field. Therefore, two columns along the symmetry plane were considered in the results discussion. Beside the generated surface waves there was a pair of vortex behind each column none of them were actually symmetric. The vortex behind the first column significantly affected the flow pattern around the second one in the manner that the vortex behind the first column was larger than the next one. In all cases the outer vortex was larger than the inner one. The obtained results showed that the generated waves of the inviscid flow were smoother than the turbulent flow, and also those of the turbulent flow were smoother than the laminar ones. Compared to the mentioned results, the influence of the flow velocity on the wave heights was more significant.

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