With the continuous development of the global economy and industry, and gradually expand the size of offshore oil exploration and transportation, the possibility of oil field leakage, damage of offshore tanker, oil leakage of the offshore ship and the oil spill is increasing continuously, and the harmfulness is increasing continuously. It has seriously polluted the Marine environment and destroyed the ecological balance, and seriously wasted the oil resources. Therefore, this paper developed a kind of offshore oil spill removal ship which can quickly, accurately, and effectively recover oil spill. This paper designs an offshore oil removal device with a variable Angle of attack. Through the use of Rhino and SolidWorks modeling software for the three-dimensional overall design. The variable Angle of attack offshore oil spill removal ship can be divided into seven major systems, which are the main hull of the variable angle of attack, the side hull, the oil suction, and deoiling rollers, the oil collecting groove and oil collecting chamber, the oil baffle, the steering platform, the communication equipment, the propulsion equipment, the main hull, and the external ship docking equipment. At the same time, the new type of offshore oil absorption material is installed on the double roller oil absorption mechanism, and each component system of the offshore oil removal ship is assembled. In this paper, the design of a variable Angle of attack offshore oil spill removal ship can provide a reference for the research and design of a new offshore oil spill treatment device.

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