Toshiba has been developing a turbine and a combustor for a semi-closed recuperated Brayton cycle of supercritical carbon dioxide called the Allam cycle, which is capable of both sequestrating 100% of carbon dioxide generated by combustion and providing electricity with competitive efficiency as the advanced combined cycle. The 25 MWe class demonstration plant with natural gas for this innovative cycle is being constructed in the USA by NET Power LLC and its operation is expected to be in 2017. Toshiba is going to provide the main components of its turbine and combustor.

This paper describes the specification of the turbine and the combustor and consideration necessary to realize them in the first of a kind design condition of 30MPa with a supercritical carbon dioxide as its working fluid. This paper also describes some of the validation tests to realize new technologies before this turbine and combustor are installed and operated in the demonstration plant.

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