In recent years, petrochemical industry accidents occur frequently. The reason was that the existing safety measures were not comprehensive enough to protect all layers of production. It is an urgent problem for enterprises to improve the existing safety measures and form a system to cover all stages of production. Safety barrier can protect and control every layer of production, so as to protect the production process comprehensively, avoid, prevent and control accidents. Four action layers of safety barrier in petrochemical production were established, and the specific implementation method of safety barrier was proposed. This method was applied with taking atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit as an example. The results show that the atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit can be fully protected by the safety barrier through physical or non-physical means, and its safety has been significantly improved. Finally, the safety barrier database of petrochemical plant was designed and developed in order to manage the safety barrier information and make it convenient for personnel to use. The database functions include storing, querying, adding, modifying and deleting the names, categories, functions and specific description of the safety barrier.

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