Experimental analysis was carried out to study the rheological properties of foam. Foam was generated by simultaneously injecting air and an aqueous solution of the foaming agent through a coiled tubing foam generator. Foam was injected at the bottom of an annulus with 4.0-in. (i.d.) casing diameter and 1.5-in. (o.d.) tubing diameter. Qualities ranged from 0.65 to 0.95. Shear rates ranged from 150 to 1000 sec−1. Effective viscosities were calculated and were found to range from 60 to 500 cps. Results showed that flowing foam behaved as a pseudo-plastic fluid with no yield value; effective foam viscosity decreased with an increase in shear rate for a fixed quality. For shear rates in the range 500 sec−1 to 1000 sec−1, the effective foam viscosity was independent of foam quality. This is useful since most field applications fall in this range.

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