Finite element analyses were conducted of the threaded marine riser connector which has the main, internal, and external shoulder seals. The objectives of the analyses are to evaluate the fatigue resistance, strength, and seal capability of the connector under the bending, tensile, internal and external pressure loads. An element which models the bending effect in an axisymmetric body is developed and implemented into the computer program ADINA. Using the program, stress concentration factors at the corner and threaded parts of the connector under these loads are obtained. The large contribution of both shoulders to the reduction of the stress concentration factors is found to be quite clear. The seal mechanism and the stress response of the connectors are also clarified. The fatigue evaluation based on ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sec. III, Rules for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant Components, Division 1, Subsection NB are compared with the experimental results.

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