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Most Accessed Papers in 2022

This virtual issue contains the most accessed papers (downloads + views) in 2022 for each of the titles making up the ASME Journal Program.

ASME Letters in Dynamic Systems and Control
Evaluation and Optimization of Dual-Arm Robot Path Planning for Human–Robot Collaborative Tasks in Smart Manufacturing Contexts
Weitian Wang, Yi Chen, and Yunyi Jia

Applied Mechanics Reviews
A Review of Elastic–Plastic Contact Mechanics
Hamid Ghaednia, Xianzhang Wang, Swarna Saha, Yang Xu, Aman Sharma, and Robert L. Jackson

Journal of Applied Mechanics
Bio-Inspired Origami Metamaterials With Metastable Phases Through Mechanical Phase Transitions
Ke Liu, Tomohiro Tachi, and Glaucio H. Paulino

ASME Open Journal of Engineering

Modeling the Dynamics of an American Football and the Stability Due to Spin
John Dzielski and Mark Blackburn

Journal of Autonomous Vehicles and Systems
Analysis of Hazards for Autonomous Driving
Edward Schwalb

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

Clinical Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography With Semi-Automatic Segmentation Provides Feasible Input for Computational Models of the Knee Joint
Katariina A. H. Myller, Rami K. Korhonen, Juha Töyräs, Petri Tanska, Sami P. Väänänen, Jukka S. Jurvelin, Simo Saarakkala, and Mika E. Mononen

Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics

The Adjoint Method for Time-Optimal Control Problems
Philipp Eichmeir, Thomas Lauß, Stefan Oberpeilsteiner, Karin Nachbagauer, and Wolfgang Steiner

Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering

A Review of the Capabilities of Current Low-Cost Virtual Reality Technology and Its Potential to Enhance the Design Process
Joshua Q. Coburn, Ian Freeman, and John L. Salmon

Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

A Review of State of Health Estimation of Energy Storage Systems: Challenges and Possible Solutions for Futuristic Applications of Li-Ion Battery Packs in Electric Vehicles
Sudipta Bijoy Sarmah, Pankaj Kalita, Akhil Garg, Xiao-dong Niu, Xing-Wei Zhang, Xiongbin Peng, and Dipanwita Bhattacharjee

Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control

Toward Automated Vehicle Control Beyond the Stability Limits: Drifting Along a General Path
Jonathan Y. Goh, Tushar Goel, and J. Christian Gerdes

Journal of Electronic Packaging

A Review on Transient Thermal Management of Electronic Devices
John Mathew and Shankar Krishnan

Journal of Energy Resources Technology

Study of Energy Saving Analysis for Different Industries
Ahmad Abdel-Hadi, Abdel Rahman Salem, Ahmad I. Abbas, Mohammad Qandil, and Ryoichi S. Amano

Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power

Impact of Fuel Composition on Gas Turbine Engine Performance
Dan Burnes, Alejandro Camou

Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology

Evaluation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy Repaired via Additive Friction Stir Deposition
D. Z. Avery, C. E. Cleek, B. J. Phillips, M. Y. Rekha, R. P. Kinser, H. M. Rao, L. N. Brewer, P. G. Allison, and J. B. Jordon

Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy

Toward an Integrated Intervention and Assessment of Robot-Based Rehabilitation
Amirhossein Majidirad, Yimesker Yihun, and Laila Cure

Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Buildings and Cities

Adapting to Extreme Heat: Social, Atmospheric, and Infrastructure Impacts of Air-Conditioning in Megacities—The Case of New York City
Harold Gamarro, Luis Ortiz, Jorge E. González

Journal of Fluids Engineering

The Fluid Mechanics of Microdevices—The Freeman Scholar Lecture
Mohamed Gad-el-Hak

Journal of Heat Transfer

Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Heat Transfer Problems
Shengze Cai, Zhicheng Wang, Sifan Wang, Paris Perdikaris, and George Em Karniadakis

Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering

A Comparative Study on Machine Learning Algorithms for Smart Manufacturing: Tool Wear Prediction Using Random Forests
Dazhong Wu, Connor Jennings, Janis Terpenny, Robert X. Gao, Soundar Kumara

Journal of Mechanical Design

Learning to Design From Humans: Imitating Human Designers Through Deep Learning
Ayush Raina, Christopher McComb, and Jonathan Cagan

Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics

Design and Development of a Compact High-Torque Robotic Actuator for Space Mechanisms
Elias Brassitos and Nader Jalili

Journal of Medical Devices
The Spinebot—A Robotic Device to Intraoperatively Quantify Spinal Stiffness
Philippe Büchler, Jonas Räber, Benjamin Voumard, Steve Berger, Brett Bell, Nino Sutter, Stefan Funariu, Carol Hasler, Daniel Studer

Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing

Improving Surface Hydrophobicity by Microrolling-Based Texturing
Man-Kwan Ng, Ishan Saxena, Kornel F. Ehmann, Jian Cao

Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems

Composite Material Failure Model Updating Approach Leveraging Nondestructive Evaluation Data
Mohammadreza Bahadori, Emine Tekerek, Melvin Mathew, Mazur Krzysztof, Brian Wisner, and Antonios Kontsos

Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

Simulation of Supercritical CO2 Flow Through Circular and Annular Orifice
Haomin Yuan, John Edlebeck, Mathew Wolf, Mark Anderson, Michael Corradini, Sanford Klein, and Gregory Nellis

Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering

Recent Advances in Integrated Response Analysis of Floating Wind Turbines in a Reliability Perspective
Torgeir Moan, Zhen Gao, Erin E. Bachynski, and Amir R. Nejad

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology

Design Optimization of Pressure Vessel in Compliance With Elastic Stress Analysis Criteria for Plastic Collapse Using an Integrated Approach
Mingjue Zhou, Artik Patel, BoPing Wang, Weiya Jin, and Yuebing Li

ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B: Mechanical Engineering

Sensitivity Analysis of a Bayesian Network
Chenzhao Li and Sankaran Mahadevan

Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

Experimental Test of Properties of KCl–MgCl2 Eutectic Molten Salt for Heat Transfer and Thermal Storage Fluid in Concentrated Solar Power Systems"
Xiankun Xu, Xiaoxin Wang, Peiwen Li, Yuanyuan Li, Qing Hao, Bo Xiao, Hassan Elsentriecy, Dominic Gervasio

Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications

Design and Simulation of Passive Thermal Management System for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs on an Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Kevin K. Parsons and Thomas J. Mackin

Journal of Tribology

Bearing Life Calculations in Rotating and Oscillating Applications
Luc Houpert and Oliver Menck

Journal of Turbomachinery

Sweep Effects on Fan–Intake Aerodynamics at High Angle of Attack
Ben Mohankumar, Cesare A. Hall, and Mark J. Wilson

Journal of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

Dynamics Model Validation Using Time-Domain Metrics
Dan Ao, Zhen Hu, Sankaran Mahadevan

Journal of Vibration and Acoustics

Wind Turbine Blade Damage Detection Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
Taylor Regan, Christopher Beale, Murat Inalpolat


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