(1) Equation 4 should be rewritten as

(2) In Table 1, the parameter values should be rewritten as follows:M=1.918mg (effective mass including suspension is 1.25 times the slider mass (1.59 mg)).J=2.971×1013kgm2 (effective moment of inertia including suspension is 1.36 times that of the slider only (2.19×1013kgm2)).ζf=0.02, ζr=0.02, and fc0=0mN.The mass and moment of inertia of the slider are important parameters for determining the slider instability. If the mass and moment of inertia listed in Table 1 are used, the slider does not become unstable.

(3) Page 252, left-hand column, line 14 should read: “The air-bearing damping ratio in Eq. (4) is assumed to be 0.02.”